the wonders of parsley

This herb is widely used and prized not only for it’s  flavor, but also for it’s health benefits. Once you understand medicinal and nutritional parsley health benefits,   Parsley  is native to the Mediterranean region of the world.  Now, it can be found all over the world. recently, it is listed as an essential ingredient in green juices and smoothies. the herb contains valuable volatile oils and flavonoids. The volatile oil known as myristicin has chemoprotective benefits which means it can neutralize cancer causing agents and has been shown to prevent tumor growth. Flavanoids like apigenin and luteolin found in parsley act as antioxidants to protect cells from oxidative damage and stress.

 Parsley is also a great source of vitamin C and beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A).

  1. Immune booster antibacterial
  2. Anti inflammatory
  3. antioxident

parsley is considered as important as kale in regards to health benefits. Just  1 tablespoon of parsley contains

  1. 61.5 micrograms of vitamin K (77% RDA)
  2. 5 milligrams of vitamin C (8% RDA)
  3. 316 IUs of vitamin A (6% RDA)

Some of it’s healing benefits include:

  • anemia prevention
  • bladder infection prevention and treatment
  • digestive aid
  • kidney health
  • bad breath treatment
  • anti arithritus
  • blood tonic and purifier
  • natural diuretic
  • gas reduction
  • indigestion soother
  • immune booster
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