‘Poire Belle Helene’ translates Beautiful Helen Pears was created by Auguste Escofier in the 19th century after the operetta la belle helene by offenbach. the ‘poire belle helene’ is a simple desert that can be mostly prepared ahead.. poach the pears or buy canned, make or buy icecream, make the chocolate sauce. if the sauce is made ahead,  it can be heated in a microwave.

this desert is dedicated to a new comer in the family..alexandre. he is the fiance of noor; my neice that i adore. she is warm and loving and, she is a very talented jewelry designer

for 4 persons

4 pears..any kind good for poaching found in your country i am using conference pears.

pearsbellehelene 4pearsconference



syrup ingredienrts for poaching the pears



the poached pears…after 20 mins.

poachedpears peachbellehelene

i am going to reserve them in their syrup in the fridge..i ate one on the way yummy so good just like that

and since alexandre is very special to me, i am going to prepare the vanilla icecream at home.

but i really think that the pears with hot choclate sauce is delicious. the poached pears have delicate taste and i wouldn’t add ice cream..


for the chocolate sauce you would need

100 ml   milk or more
50 g       cacoa
40 g       sugar or agave syrup

put all in a glass bowl heat in the microwave and mix

pearsbellehelene chocolatesauce






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