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linzer torte.. for christmas

I love this tart because the crust is as important as the filling if it is not more important. traditionally  the crust is thick and very crumbly  with a rich roasted  taste and the filling is blackberry jam.

i am making it with rasberry sort of pudding.

ingredients for the crust:





125 g hazelnuts roasted
120 g flour
120 g butter room temperature
75  g brown sugar
1      egg yolk

ingredients for the filling



 the filling

450 g frozen rasberrie
50 g sugar
1tbsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp  vanilla extract
15 g corn starch

preparing the crust



bruttimabuoni italiancookies

‘brutti ma buoni’ beautiful italian cookies

the italian cookies name ‘brutti ma buoni’  translates ugly but good. well, i think they are beautiful and very good. they resembles moon stones.

they are baked mainly mid autumn; the harvesting time of the hazelnuts. and all around the year. the most known are prepared with hazelnuts but they could be prepared with almonds as well.

here i am baking them with hazelnuts and adding bit of cacao. they are very simple to make only 3 ingredients  needed

200 g  hazelnuts + (1 Tbsp granulated sugar + 2 tsp cacao)
100g   icing sugar
1         egg white

grill the hazelnuts and peel them..almost.. i like to keep some of the brown peel.

put the hazelnuts in a food processor.

add 1 tbsp of granulated sugar and 2 tsp of cacao.

give them few pulses untill you get one part sort of pwder and the rest big chunks of hazelnuts


et voila bruttimabuoni italiancookies

quail eggs

how to boil and peel quail eggs

only recently i learned that  quail eggs have only the good cholesterol and compared with the chicken eggs, they will have more protein, more vitamin A and B1, more iron and potassium, doesn’t cause allergy. but it they are curious little things, beautiful shells with a thick membrane under the shell. when i first bought these cute little eggs i experimented for the boiling time. that was not complicated. but to peel them was rather time consuming. but with some trials i arrived to peel my cute delicious eggs quiet easily and quickly.



simple basic french vinaigrette

i was asked by a friend of mine  to send her the recipe of the basic french vinaigrette.

i thought she was joking. Or no, she was very serious. OK

this vinaigrette is the basic recipe.And,  it will stay up to 10 days in the refrigerator.

in a jar with a lid, put 6 tbsp of wine vinegar or (juice of 2 lemons) “or a mixture”  + double amount of olive oil. just eye ball it. the oil floats at the surface that makes it very easy to approximate the double amount of oil. add 1 tsp  dijon mustard, 1 tsp salt and some black pepper. shake and serve.

traditionally very finely diced shallots are added but personally i prefer without. shallots can be added to salads when prepared


microwave 30 sec. mix & serve

chocolate sauce..100% healthy

almost everybody loves chocolate. although, i have some friends who don’t eat chocolate. i find that strange.

anyway, a chocolate sauce will always add another dimension to so many deserts.

i make this chocolate sauce every time i have guests. i serve it with ice creams, cakes and poached fruits.

very simple to make and healthy conscious. have a look at the ingredients. it is just 30 seconds



healthychocolatesauce ingredients

in a glass cup, scale your ingredients. put 30 sec in the microwave. mix and serve. it is as simple.


‘Poire Belle Helene”poached pears+chocolate + ice cream alexandres’ favourit

‘Poire Belle Helene’ translates Beautiful Helen Pears was created by Auguste Escofier in the 19th century after the operetta la belle helene by offenbach. the ‘poire belle helene’ is a simple desert that can be mostly prepared ahead.. poach the pears or buy canned, make or buy icecream, make the chocolate sauce. if the sauce is made ahead,  it can be heated in a microwave.

this desert is dedicated to a new comer in the family..alexandre. he is the fiance of noor; my neice that i adore. she is warm and loving and, she is a very talented jewelry designer

for 4 persons

4 pears..any kind good for poaching found in your country i am using conference pears.

pearsbellehelene 4pearsconference



syrup ingredienrts for poaching the pears



the poached pears…after 20 mins.

poachedpears peachbellehelene

i am going to reserve them in their syrup in the fridge..i ate one on the way yummy so good just like that

and since alexandre is very special to me, i am going to prepare the vanilla icecream at home.

but i really think that the pears with hot choclate sauce is delicious. the poached pears have delicate taste and i wouldn’t add ice cream..


for the chocolate sauce you would need

100 ml   milk or more
50 g       cacoa
40 g       sugar or agave syrup

put all in a glass bowl heat in the microwave and mix

pearsbellehelene chocolatesauce






cropedimage poachedpears pearsbellehelene

poaching pears

for 4 pears


for the syrup

pearsbellehelene ingredients

poaching the pears


poachedpears peachbellehelene


here are the poached pears…i ate one..yummy so good just like that








how to make caramel step by step in photos

all that is needed:  sugar and cooking pot. i suggest the use of white sugar and a white enamel or silver color metal.  to be able to see the color of the caramel.

the steps:





tarte tatin..upside down apple tart










oven200-25 tartetatin




out of the oven. let stand 10 mins or so









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