also for the garlic haters.

i have a cocktail party soon and i would like to make hummus, tapenade, guacomole and ajvar. they all have garlic in their recipes.

i have a guest and i am not sure if he loves or hates garlic. a simple idea… would be to prepare garlic bread. that day i needed 10 slices

slice the bread

slice the bread



garlic bread

cut the bread as thin as possible. cut the garlic in half and rub the bread slices. baste with olive oil. grill in a preheated oven 200C for 6-8 mins..depends on the oven

today i have 15 guests and i need  around 40 garlic bread..this means the whole baguette. I have little time so i made garlic oil.

with the help of a hand blender and a jar.  put 1 garlic and 4 tbsp of olive oil..blend

garlic bread oil and garlic sauce

then just baste the bread slices very quickly









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