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ajvar ‘vegeterian caviar’ from serbia and croatia

the name ajvar comes from the turkish word hayvar ‘roe’ the red caviar. usually prepared at the beginning of autumn. originated in belgrade and became particularly popular during and after world war II. now Ajvar is produced in many balkans countries; for export and for local consumption. in serbia, around 650 tons are produced annually; basicaly made […]


tabbouleh a salad from lebanon.. the orginal recipe and beyond

no lebanese table is complete without tabbouleh salad; for lunch, dinner or any time time of the day snack. back there, where i grew up, we used to make tabbouleh for the tea time. it is appetizing, refreshing and so delicious. excellent for the health. they say…1 spoon of parsley is full of anioxidants..etc..(have a look) so […]