the italian cookies name ‘brutti ma buoni’  translates ugly but good. well, i think they are beautiful and very good. they resembles moon stones.

they are baked mainly mid autumn; the harvesting time of the hazelnuts. and all around the year. the most known are prepared with hazelnuts but they could be prepared with almonds as well.

here i am baking them with hazelnuts and adding bit of cacao. they are very simple to make only 3 ingredients  needed

200 g  hazelnuts + (1 Tbsp granulated sugar + 2 tsp cacao)
100g   icing sugar
1         egg white

grill the hazelnuts and peel them..almost.. i like to keep some of the brown peel.

put the hazelnuts in a food processor.

add 1 tbsp of granulated sugar and 2 tsp of cacao.

give them few pulses untill you get one part sort of pwder and the rest big chunks of hazelnuts


et voila bruttimabuoni italiancookies

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