one of those days…everything was pleasant and fun. A spontaneously international afternoon in the cafe de paris in monaco; meeting with people from different countries and having american savouries and sweets. I Met up with my dear friends from Egypt;  and 

my sister Hala arrived a bit later. august 9th was the birthday of my egyptian friend Reem. i was not there. So it is never too late to wish her Happy Birthday Reem


and by coincidence we met 3 lovely ladies; lebanese-americans who live in california. Iman Hout the mother with her two daughters Reem and Lara. we were having club sandwich. they were having banana split;  “american specialties”



Then later, in the ‘cafe’, arrived a famous singer from united Arab Emirates Hussein al Jasmi; who became extremely popular in egypt for his song ‘boshrat kheir‘ dedicated to the election of Abdul Fattah al-Sisi as president of Egypt. we went to greet him which made my egyptian friends very happy…and so ..  it went   for almost three hours…eating, laughing and meeting different people from all over the world;

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