the name ajvar comes from the turkish word hayvar ‘roe’ the red caviar. usually prepared at the beginning of autumn. originated in belgrade and became particularly popular during and after world war II. now Ajvar is produced in many balkans countries; for export and for local consumption. in serbia, around 650 tons are produced annually; basicaly made from grilled red bell peppers and grilled aubergines.

there are three known recipes; the difference is the degree of heat added and the proportion of bell pepper-aubergine. the most known is the medium heat. roasted chili peppers are added in the mix.

it is a quiet simple recipe. the most complicated part would be to grill and peel the peppers and aubergines. the following recipe yiels 200 g or 1 cup.

6  red bell peppers-medium-grilled and peeled
1  aubergines-medium-grilled and peeled

1 green chili grilled and peeled. but i am going to use dried        chili flakes

2 TBsp vinegar
1 tsp sat 
1 tsp pepper

garlic (optional to use in the sauce... OR.. just before serving)

my additions:

1    tsp curcuma
1/2 tsp smoked paprika
2    tsp sugar


grill and peel the bell peppers and the aubergine


all the ingredients


ajvar ingredients



in a food processor, put bell peppers + aubergine + garlic (if using in the recipe)  reduce  into a puree. transfer into a pot and cook over a medium low heat until thick and image 6.

serve as a dip or …..


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