this blog is intended to communicate my passion for ‘the cuisine‘  cooking  trends and recipes from around the world. Also, the history beyond recipes and how they crossed borders and adopted local culture climate and ingredients,

my recipes are simple and simplified by plenty of photos. i will post menus of different dinner parties and may be the photos of my guests..if they agree??

SO, this blog reflects my way of life; how i cook and how i receive my friends.

you might wonder why did i choose this title ‘icookinchanel’. it is real. i do cook in Chanel. i love their clothes. i am practically always dressed in one of their outfits or jackets.  my friends, when they arrive for dinner, they would as ‘where have you been..dressed in Chanel..i have been in the kitchen..i cook in Chanel.. and that has been going on for many years.


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