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Month / January 2015

microwave 30 sec. mix & serve

chocolate sauce..100% healthy

almost everybody loves chocolate. although, i have some friends who don’t eat chocolate. i find that strange. anyway, a chocolate sauce will always add another dimension to so many deserts. i make this chocolate sauce every time i have guests. i serve it with ice creams, cakes and poached fruits. very simple to make and healthy […]

bruttimabuoni italiancookies

‘brutti ma buoni’ beautiful italian cookies

the italian cookies name ‘brutti ma buoni’  translates ugly but good. well, i think they are beautiful and very good. they resembles moon stones. they are baked mainly mid autumn; the harvesting time of the hazelnuts. and all around the year. the most known are prepared with hazelnuts but they could be prepared with almonds as […]