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Month / October 2014

cropedimage poachedpears pearsbellehelene

poaching pears

for 4 pears for the syrup poaching the pears     here are the poached pears…i ate one..yummy so good just like that            

serve with rasberry sauce

‘le cake’ this is what they call it in france

            otherwise all the rest would be gateau. There are 101 ways of making this gateau but i am making the recipe i learned at the escofier school at the ritz hotel in paris. it is light and heavenly. the secret is in the mixing. no shortcuts..but it will be worth […]

garlic bread grilled

garlic bread…everyday for the garlic lovers

also for the garlic haters. i have a cocktail party soon and i would like to make hummus, tapenade, guacomole and ajvar. they all have garlic in their recipes. i have a guest and i am not sure if he loves or hates garlic. a simple idea… would be to prepare garlic bread. that day i needed 10 slices […]