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Month / September 2014

moussaka rocca

moussaka, the greek lasagna, or the italian moussaka??

moussaka is a classical greek dish of baked layers:  aubergines, tomato sauce, lamb mince and bechamel.   AND, like all national recipes, there are variations. sometimes courgettes and potatoes are added, also some local cheses like halloumi and feta. here i am adding courgettes. dont be put off by the long list of ingredients. here is […]


french apple tart..or parisian apple tart

i say french apple tart because there are so many ways to do this most famous tart in different parts of the world. and i say parisian because also in france there are different recipes from different french districts like apple tart from normandy is different  and then ‘flambe’ with calvados (an apple brandy), also there […]


ajvar ‘vegeterian caviar’ from serbia and croatia

the name ajvar comes from the turkish word hayvar ‘roe’ the red caviar. usually prepared at the beginning of autumn. originated in belgrade and became particularly popular during and after world war II. now Ajvar is produced in many balkans countries; for export and for local consumption. in serbia, around 650 tons are produced annually; basicaly made […]

make an x

how to peel tomatoes

make shallow incisions at the back od the tomatoes. dip in boiling water (i use a kettle) 30 seconds after..more or less,,, take out the tomatoes and dip them in icy water;if you are using for salads or just let them cool down peel. for the cherry tomatoes. pierce them with tip of a pointed […]


tabbouleh a salad from lebanon.. the orginal recipe and beyond

no lebanese table is complete without tabbouleh salad; for lunch, dinner or any time time of the day snack. back there, where i grew up, we used to make tabbouleh for the tea time. it is appetizing, refreshing and so delicious. excellent for the health. they say…1 spoon of parsley is full of anioxidants..etc..(have a look) so […]

the wonders of parsley..a new research

the wonders of parsley This herb is widely used and prized not only for it’s  flavor, but also for it’s health benefits. Once you understand medicinal and nutritional parsley health benefits,   Parsley  is native to the Mediterranean region of the world.  Now, it can be found all over the world. recently, it is listed as […]